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Ink bleeds generation with Blender

Ink bleeds are commonly used for transitions and reveals in video editing.

You can find nice ones online either for free or paying. But sometimes you need ink bleeds which are more suited to your needs (be it resolution, shape, timing, ...) and you have to rely to generate yours.

If you can't afford time ...

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Introduction à Sinsy, un synthétiseur vocal libre et gratuit

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Il vous est sans doute arrivé d'utiliser ou de vouloir utiliser la synthèse vocale pour vos compositions musicales, potentiellement via les grands noms du secteurs comme Vocaloid, CeVIO, UTAU, Alter/Ego.

Cependant, du côté des logiciels libres, gratuits et/ou du support natif Linux, c'est un peu la ...

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Hands on Sinsy, a free software solution for song vocal synthesis

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You may have already used or considered song vocal synthesis for your musical composition, with software like Vocaloid, CeVIO, UTAU, Alter/Ego.

However when you care about open source software, free (as in free speech and free beer) software or native support in libre OSes ...

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Arc compensation for RepRap

One of the famous issue you'll encounter when designing and printing technical parts with a 3d printer is the small difference between the dimension of your designed holes and the physical part. This is due to the lack of so called arc compensation.

The great NopHead made a point in figuring out precisely why ...

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Docker and Jenkins : the easy way

You might have been looking for the developer grail like I did recently :

  • hack away your code
  • commit
  • have continuous integration server perform all automated tests on a virtual machine and tags your code as "good to push on production" (or for the most crazy adventurous, having your code pushed to prod)

You probably looked ...

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